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2Q2017 Luminary Series

Presenting: Administrative Office of the Courts

April 26, 2017

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Government Transformation & Innovation 2017
February 28, 2017

Can we change the perception of government and prove that on our own, can we be efficient and accomplish the missions that are set out before us with our limited resources?

Vision: Provide current and emerging government leaders with tools and information that they will use to transform their services to better meet the needs of California’s citizens. Presenters will use Case Studies to share their knowledge and experience on how to drive government entities in our five focus areas:


This educational event is designed to provide government leaders the inspiration, motivation and knowledge to utilize both transformative and innovative concepts and methods creating a citizen centric environment throughout California.

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Past Event

Project Delivery 2016
November 1, 2016

John Boule
CA Office of Systems Integration

Tamara Armstrong
CA Dept of Technology

The Project Delivery Summit is designed to bring together state and local employees who manage, direct, sponsor and participate in the delivery of State and Local Government IT projects. The goal of this summit is to provide a one-day forum to deliver education, foster collaboration, and provide networking opportunities for staff at all levels (line, executive and stakeholders) who work in and around government projects. The Vision of this Summit is: To deliver content that is practical, proven, relevant, innovative, and transparent in order to bolster the effectiveness of the attendees of the summit thereby improving the successful delivery of State of CA projects.

Objectives of the Summit

Some of the objectives of the Project Delivery Summit are to:

  • Provide knowledge and training to bolster the skills of attendees to run projects both in IT and Non-IT roles
  • Communicate and solicit knowledge regarding practical methods and tools to improve success in all projects
  • Provide information and training in Project Delivery knowledge and skills in the areas of Effective Project Sponsorship, Change Management, Vendor Management, Business Analysis, Approvals and Procurement, Contract Management, Project Management, and Project Governance
  • Provide information and training in key areas (beyond the project management disciplines) that greatly influence project success.
  • Emphasize the need for stronger partnerships, collaboration, and project commitment between IT and Business
  • Provide a forum for networking and knowledge sharing.
  • This Summit will take place in Sacramento on November 1st at the Sacramento Convention Center. The content will be a combination of Executive presentations, extended working sessions, collaborative roundtables, panel discussions, and will culminate with the assembly of all attendees for an award ceremony that acknowledges the best Project Delivery resources that California Government has to offer.

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What People Are Saying...

  • “You and your team are awesome to work with and I agree the best event so far. And it was not just the sessions and plenaries, it was also many hallway conversations I was participating in and listening to. You are helping build a real community in partnership with vendors, program leaders, and IT professionals. It takes all three to build effective programs and deliver successful projects. Great job! ”

    — Bill Otterbeck, California Department of Health Care Services

  • “The Project Delivery Summit has brought to light education and training opportunities highlighting project management disciplines to better enable the successful delivery of State IT Projects. It has filled a need in terms of delivering free training on the pillars surrounding managing projects to the State of CA workforce. With the public and private sector working together to create content, the workforce has benefited in terms of exposure to education and training that otherwise they may not have gotten. This summit is in its second year, and 70% of the attendees were new to the summit. Not only are IT personnel invited to this summit, but the department’s program areas are invited as well in order to better educate them. Through this exposure, the Department of Technology has been successful in launching our Project Academy Series which takes a deeper dive into the content that is discussed in these forums. The better educated and trained workforce, the more successful we will be in delivering projects for the State of CA. ”

    — Christie Borchin,