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4Q2015 Luminary Series

Luminary Series

Presenting: CA Correctional Healthcare Services 

Clark Kelso 

Receiver, CACorrectional Healthcare Services 

December 16, 2015


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Upcoming Event

Project Delivery Summit 2015
December 9, 2015

John Boule
CA Office of Systems Integration

Tamara Armstrong
CA Dept of Technology

Peter Hutchinson

Peter Jackson

Co-Executive Sponsors: John Boule and Tamara Armstrong

The Project Delivery Summit is designed to bring together state employees who manage, direct, sponsor and participate in the delivery of State IT projects.Through this summit we will deliver education, foster collaboration, and provide networking opportunities for those who work on IT projects.

The goal is to provide information, education, and collaboration to improve the delivery of State of CA projects.The Vision of this Summit is:To deliver content that is open and transparent in order to learn from the best and brightest Executives and Project Delivery personnel in the State.

The goal is to provide a one day forum that will educate and develop staff at all levels (line, executive and stakeholders) in order to deliver successful CA State IT projects.

Objectives of the Summit

Some of the objectives of the Project Delivery Summit are to:

  • Focus on developing seasoned executives to run projects both in IT and Non-IT roles
  • Develop practical tools to improve success in all projects
  • Improve Project Delivery skills in the areas of Effective Project Sponsorship, Change Management, Vendor Management, Business Analysis, Approvals and Procurement, Contract Management, Project Management, and Project Governance
  • Provide information and training on those key areas (beyond the project management disciplines) that greatly influence project success.
  • Create stronger partnerships, collaboration, and project commitment between IT and Business
  • Seed the organizational changes that must occur for projects to be successful
  • Increase bench strength in all critical areas of Project Delivery

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Past Event

Cyber Security Symposium 2015
September 29 - 30, 2015

The ISO Experience, Panel Discussions

Edward Block
State of Texas

Kent Wada

Raj Patel
City of Palo Alto

Andre McGregor

Gib Sorebo

Grady Summers
FireEye, Inc.

Sherry Ryan, CISM, CISSP
Juniper Networks

Executive Sponsor: Joanne McNabb, California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General

Executive Sponsor: Michele Robinson, California Information Security Office (CISO)

This past year has been dubbed the year of the mega-breach by many. Breaches of many large retailers, financial institutions, and a major movie studio made headlines. Headlines certainly grab the attention of the Executive Suite and have heightened awareness about the importance of an effective risk management strategy, and the implementation of security and privacy practices.

This year’s event will continue to promote awareness and deliver educational curriculum with a strong emphasis on returning attendees to their organizations better equipped to take action and be more effective in the following areas:

  • Security and Privacy Leadership: Informed Risk-based Decision Making and Investment
  • Risk Management: Prevention through continuous Risk Analysis and Assessment
  • Building Security In: Intelligent Security Design, Development and Acquisition
  • Information Sharing and Collaboration: Connecting the Dots to Reveal the Larger Picture
  • Business Continuity and Technology Recovery Planning: Crisis Communication and Consequence Management
  • Convergence of Incident Management and Emergency Management: Working Together When an Attack Becomes a Cyber Emergency
  • Privacy: Protecting Privacy in the Internet of Everything

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About PSP

What People Are Saying...

  • “You and your team are awesome to work with and I agree the best event so far. And it was not just the sessions and plenaries, it was also many hallway conversations I was participating in and listening to. You are helping build a real community in partnership with vendors, program leaders, and IT professionals. It takes all three to build effective programs and deliver successful projects. Great job! ”

    — Bill Otterbeck, California Department of Health Care Services

  • “The Project Delivery Summit has brought to light education and training opportunities highlighting project management disciplines to better enable the successful delivery of State IT Projects. It has filled a need in terms of delivering free training on the pillars surrounding managing projects to the State of CA workforce. With the public and private sector working together to create content, the workforce has benefited in terms of exposure to education and training that otherwise they may not have gotten. This summit is in its second year, and 70% of the attendees were new to the summit. Not only are IT personnel invited to this summit, but the department’s program areas are invited as well in order to better educate them. Through this exposure, the Department of Technology has been successful in launching our Project Academy Series which takes a deeper dive into the content that is discussed in these forums. The better educated and trained workforce, the more successful we will be in delivering projects for the State of CA. ”

    — Christie Borchin,