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Governments everywhere are reinventing themselves. They are reimagining essential systems, infrastructure and service delivery to promote growth, sustainability and enhanced quality of life. Governments need to better integrate across functions, capitalize on new insights, create system-wide efficiencies and collaborate in new ways to turn challenges into opportunities while building strong, differentiating identities that attract new citizens and businesses.

Combining world-class business, industry and technology expertise, IBM provides the integrated solutions that help visionary leaders achieve their objectives. Drawing on thousands of client engagements and proven strength across the breadth of government operations, only IBM offers the experience that today's challenges demand.

It is the dedication of government organizations and many private enterprises that drive today's modern societies. Together they provide resiliency through their investments in infrastructure, education, health and human services to support growth and prosperity that ensure a safe and healthy environment for citizens to live useful and productive lives. For over 100 years, IBM has been helping government leaders achieve these goals through our unique ability to convene leaders, to collaborate across boundaries and to meet tomorrow's challenges through relentless innovation.


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What People Are Saying...

  • “You and your team are awesome to work with and I agree the best event so far. And it was not just the sessions and plenaries, it was also many hallway conversations I was participating in and listening to. You are helping build a real community in partnership with vendors, program leaders, and IT professionals. It takes all three to build effective programs and deliver successful projects. Great job! ”

    — Bill Otterbeck, California Department of Health Care Services