Company: Teranomic

Website: http://www.teranomic.com

Teranomic was founded in 2007 and incorporated in 2009 by a software architect and a business manager. We support our customers by developing and implementing solutions that ignite and support business intelligence, high performance, and dynamic scalability.

Today’s leaders are faced with day to day challenges to support their underlying business dynamics. Our professional services group includes a mix of business and technology experts to support your challenges. As such, our solutions and professional staff are dedicated to the dynamics of our corporate and government clients.

Teranomic has a proven track record of successful software systems to transform any business infrastructure into a highly efficient support capacity to produce the best results at the lowest cost. Our solutions are focused on leveraging legacy systems investments and integrating them into modern technologies that seamlessly represent the full spectrum of your business offering. We not only have the capacity to support your core business needs with secure public facing software and data integration tools but also can maintain the communication currency with your existing and prospective clients via Social Media management tools. Our solutions will balance your organizational transformations with business intelligence, continuous communication and dynamic scalability!


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What People Are Saying...

  • “The Project Delivery Summit has brought to light education and training opportunities highlighting project management disciplines to better enable the successful delivery of State IT Projects. It has filled a need in terms of delivering free training on the pillars surrounding managing projects to the State of CA workforce. With the public and private sector working together to create content, the workforce has benefited in terms of exposure to education and training that otherwise they may not have gotten. This summit is in its second year, and 70% of the attendees were new to the summit. Not only are IT personnel invited to this summit, but the department’s program areas are invited as well in order to better educate them. Through this exposure, the Department of Technology has been successful in launching our Project Academy Series which takes a deeper dive into the content that is discussed in these forums. The better educated and trained workforce, the more successful we will be in delivering projects for the State of CA. ”

    — Christie Borchin,