Leveraging Data 2017

Empowering Data Driven Government

Date: June 7, 2017

Time: 8 - 5pm

Location: 1400 J Street Sacramento, CA

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Karen Johnson
Chief Deputy Executive Director
Covered California

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Event Description

Information is the key that unlocks our ability to provide Government services with better results to the people of California. For many decades, Governmental Operations have gathered and stored information about individuals, their families, where they live, what they drive and countless other bits of data. Often this information is static, duplicated, stored in silos, maintained in antiquated systems, and in some cases the information is still paper based and manually processed. Each of these situations leads to a gross underutilization of this critical data when it comes to leveraging information to make operational decisions.

Opportunities exist to improve service delivery, collaborate between Government and the citizens it serves, secure sensitive information while still making it available to the programs that need it, detect fraud and abuse, and improve the way that Government makes decisions. To grasp those opportunities, however, the owners of this information must learn how to work with the tremendous resources they have as well as the new tools that are available, leveraging lessons learned from peers and subject matter experts. Helping to realize this vision is the goal of this forum.

Focus Areas

  • Create A Leadership and Program Executive Roadmap to Leverage Information Resources
  • Preparing Government to Respond to the Changing Information Landscape of AI, Bots, IoT, Connected Devices, a Mobile Workforce, and a Younger Citizenry that Expects More.
  • The Creation of Data Governance Models that Promote Policy and Procedures to Improve Information Availability, Reusability, as well as Collaboration across Departments, Agencies, Branches of Government, the Education Community, the Health Care Industry, and the Public.
  • Using Information Optimization to Examine and Improve Workflow Models to Deliver Service at the Speed of Now.
  • Aligning Organizational Strategic Objectives with Information Management Strategies.
  • Developing Success Patterns and Models for Better Business Driven Decision Making.
  • Promoting Innovative Interface Design to Enhance the Citizen Experience.
  • Developing an Analytics and Information Management Team to Accelerate Business Optimization, Fraud Detection, Service Provisioning, and Resource Allocation.
  • Improving the Relationship Between Programs and IT to Achieve More Effective Results.
  • Utilizing Open Data Efforts to Enhance Partnerships with Public and Private Organizations Leading to Innovation in the Delivery of Government Services.
  • Manage the Tension between the Protection of Sensitive Information and the need for Timely Access.

If you are a Vendor Partner that would like more information, please contact Russ Hicks @ 916-204-1123 or rhicks@pspinfo.us

Thank you for your interest!

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Sacramento Convention Center
1400 J Street Sacramento, CA

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What People Are Saying...

  • “You and your team are awesome to work with and I agree the best event so far. And it was not just the sessions and plenaries, it was also many hallway conversations I was participating in and listening to. You are helping build a real community in partnership with vendors, program leaders, and IT professionals. It takes all three to build effective programs and deliver successful projects. Great job!”

    — California Department of Health Care Services, Project Delivery Summit 2016

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