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Cybersecurity Symposium 2018 Norcal
September 5, 2018

Raj Patel

Raj Patel
City of Palo Alto

Cindy Compert, CIPT/CIPM

Cindy Compert, CIPT/CIPM
IBM Security

Deron McElroy

Deron McElroy
DHS Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C)

Dr. Amit Sinha

Dr. Amit Sinha

Justin Dietrich

Justin Dietrich
County of Santa Clara

Michael Makstman

Michael Makstman
City & County of San Francisco

Michael Valencia

Michael Valencia

Nir Gaist

Nir Gaist

Protecting Local Government from Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security is becoming the most critical issue in the Information Technology environment. The sophistication and determination with which bad actors are employing Ransomware, Denial of Service Attacks, Phishing Attacks as well as efforts to infiltrate Government Systems and steal Citizen Data is at a level never seen before.

This year’s Cybersecurity event will focus on the unique challenges that face Local Governments, while advancing cybersecurity awareness and delivering the educational curriculum for which the Cybersecurity Symposium is known. Attendees will return to their organizations better equipped to take action and be more effective in the following areas:

  • Securing Smart Cities: Cybersecurity approach for cities of today and tomorrow.
  • Cybersecurity Governance: Policies and processes to manage and monitor regulatory, legal, risk, environmental, and operational requirements, Regional Purchase Agreements, and Mutual Aid Agreements
  • Awareness and Training: Providing personnel and partners cybersecurity awareness education and credentials as well as training for Leaders and Elected Officials.
  • Incorporating New Technologies and Best Practices like Blockchain, Multi-factor Authentication, Securing Multi-Cloud Environments, and FedRamp
  • Information and Privacy Protection: Manage information and records (data) consistent with the risk strategy to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.
  • Recovery Planning: Execute recovery processes and procedures to ensure timely restoration of systems or assets affected by cybersecurity events.
  • Process Improvement – NIST CSF Assessment and Roadmap, SANS Training, Vendor Risk Management, Managing BYOD environments, Augment and Co-Management Resources and Strategies
  • Risk Management: Establish priorities, constraints, risk tolerances, and assumptions to support operational risk decisions.

This overview presents the vision for the event but, as in past years, the actual content will be driven by the various entities through an advisory board that will begin meeting in mid-April to identify the issues that are most pressing, as well as the areas of excellence that can be shared and leveraged. To that end, we are looking for representatives within California Government (and beyond) to come together to identify the areas of focus and interest to help ensure that this forum is valid, timely, and relevant. We invite you to join this effort to make YOUR Government better and more secure.

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Past Event

Revolutionary Technologies Expo 2018
May 16-17, 2018

Improving Operational Functionality Through Future Innovation

Technology Innovation is moving at a relentless pace as breakthroughs occur almost daily in fields like Robotics, Nano Technology, Communications, and the Internet of Things.New methods of using these discoveries are showing up in Applications like Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics. New methods of combatting Cyber Attacks using Machine Learning and increasing the speed of Operational Decision making using Artificial Intelligence are accelerating the pace in which the World works, and that Government needs to react.

This forum will focus on understanding the benefits, the applicability, the challenge of adoption, and the effective management of these disrupting technologies and the change that comes with them. By bringing together thought leaders from all facets of the Private and the Public Sector, this forum will create an opportunity for idea sharing, collaborative strategy development, and the creation of Communities of Interest. The goal will be to demonstrate these new ideas and capabilities, so Government can prepare to leverage them to better serve the People of California.

This Forum’s Areas of Focus will include:

  • The Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Society
  • The Social Implications of Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, and Automated Systems
  • Leveraging Drone Technologies in Public Safety, Agriculture, Construction, and Emergency Response
  • Emerging Technologies that are Operation Specific
  • A World in Which Everything Talks to Everything
  • Ubiquitous Information Access – Making Data Available anywhere at any time
  • Mastering Data Science for Decision Making at the Speed of Need
  • The Future of Privacy and Cyber Security Strategies
  • VR/AR for Training, Workforce Development, Constituent Communication and Program/Service Marketing

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Public Sector Perspectives

GTI 2017 Executive Roundtable Whitepaper

California Executives gathered at a Roundtable Session at the Government Transformation and Innovation Conference on February 28, 2017 to discuss strategies on creating cultural change, empowering innovation and redefining risk. The outcome from the roundtable session is this white paper that discusses the key approaches and plan of actions for transforming government services to meet the needs of California citizens.

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GTI 2017 Executive Roundtable Whitepaper

4Q2017 Luminary Series

Keith Tresh
CA Cyber Security Integration Center, CalOES

October 17, 2017

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What People Are Saying...

  • “Great event, thanks for organizing!”

    — CA Department of Health Care Services, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “I think year to year, the organizers have done a tremendous job to diversify in all aspects. Keep up the great work.”

    — CA Department of Health Care Services, Project Delivery Summit 2016

  • “I really liked the SEPs, I think you can get more out of the short presentations with varying points of view and experience.

    I would like to hear more about 18F and how California can have a similar group.”

    — CA Department of Health Care Services, Government Transformation 2016

  • “Thanks for having these forums. They are definitely worthwhile!”

    — CA Department of Motor Vehicles, Government Transformation 2016

  • “Great summit, best one so far and I've attended all.”

    — CA Department of Motor Vehicles, Project Delivery Summit 2016

  • “Great event.”

    — CA Department of Motor Vehicles, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “I liked the SEP sessions, not too much, just enough to get you going. Good vendor participation, made good contacts there.”

    — CA Dept of Corrections & Rehabilitation, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “It was great. Not overcrowded and well organized.”

    — CA Dept of Corrections & Rehabilitation, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “This may seem like a little thing in comparison to the all of the information provided; however, the idea to add the agenda to the back of our registration name cards was great.”

    — CA Dept of Insurance, Government Transformation 2016

  • “The experience to meet different leaders and hear new ideas was great! Sherilyn Hammond was a great to help to me! She rocks!”

    — CA Dept of Insurance, Government Transformation 2016

  • “I look forward to attending next year :)”

    — CA Dept of Insurance, Government Transformation 2016

  • “I thought it was very positive, and helped us to look at possibilities rather than obstacles. It was inspiring.”

    — CA Dept of Water Resources, Government Transformation 2016

  • “Great job, great information. Our business area people really enjoyed the sessions. The forum acted as a connector/bridge to understanding between IT and the Business for our orgnanization.

    — CA Dept of Water Resources, Government Transformation 2016

  • “Great event you ca see the professional event planning that went into this event.

    Great job:-)”

    — CA Dept of Water Resources, Government Transformation 2016

  • “I love to see OTech tables there. I learned of new developments this way.”

    — CA Employment Training Panel (ETP), Government Transformation 2016

  • “I loved many of the ideas presented last week. The idea of departments keeping a board of staff skills so when we need something specialized we could possibly find it within our own organization rather than having to do a contract for a consultant. I would love to hear more about this idea and others like it that support our work in real world, practical ways.”

    — CA Mental Health Planning Council, Government Transformation 2016

  • “Great event, very valuable and I hope it continues!”

    — CA Public Utilities Commission, Government Transformation 2016

  • “You and your team are awesome to work with and I agree the best event so far. And it was not just the sessions and plenaries, it was also many hallway conversations I was participating in and listening to. You are helping build a real community in partnership with vendors, program leaders, and IT professionals. It takes all three to build effective programs and deliver successful projects. Great job!”

    — California Department of Health Care Services, Project Delivery Summit 2016

  • “I had a very enjoyable day and learned a lot! Thanks!”

    — California Department of Public Health, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “The organization of the event was very well done. The facilities and rooms were set up nicely. The ladies at the booths for check in were especially helpful and well organized. Thank you for a lovely experience!”

    — California Department of Public Health, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “The forum was very well planned!”

    — California Department of Public Health, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “Excellent forum.”

    — California Highway Patrol, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “I really enjoy the events and learn a lot. Please, continue.”

    — CALPERS, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “Very impressed with the amount of time and professionalism put into this event, especially with it being a free event for government employees. I enjoyed the high standards being kept.”

    — Department of Child Support Services, Government Transformation 2016

  • “Great convention, thank you for the opportunity.”

    — Department of Child Support Services, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “Keep up the good work these events are needed.”

    — Department of Technology, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “The Project Delivery Summit has brought to light education and training opportunities highlighting project management disciplines to better enable the successful delivery of State IT Projects. It has filled a need in terms of delivering free training on the pillars surrounding managing projects to the State of CA workforce. With the public and private sector working together to create content, the workforce has benefited in terms of exposure to education and training that otherwise they may not have gotten. This summit is in its second year, and 70% of the attendees were new to the summit. Not only are IT personnel invited to this summit, but the department’s program areas are invited as well in order to better educate them. Through this exposure, the Department of Technology has been successful in launching our Project Academy Series which takes a deeper dive into the content that is discussed in these forums. The better educated and trained workforce, the more successful we will be in delivering projects for the State of CA.”

    — Department of Technology, Project Delivery Summit 2016

  • “Great job.”

    — Department of Technology, Government Transformation 2016

  • “The event planners/organizers do a phenomenal job of creating such a meaningful event. Hats off to everyone involved in the planning and organizing. I know it is no small feat!”

    — Employment Development Department, Government Transformation 2016

  • “I thought this was an excellent forum. I attended some great presentations with very engaging discussions. I plan on attending in the future and greatly appreciate the work that went into arranging this forum for our current and future leaders. Thank you.”

    — Employment Development Department, Government Transformation 2016

  • “Overall I loved it, this is my second time attending and it was fun, engaging, and I learned a lot.”

    — Employment Development Department, Cyber Security Symposium 2016

  • “Continue to keep having these symposiums and keep educating state government agencies and the private sector on the importance of security in all aspects of business, personal and at a home.”

    — FI$Cal, Cyber Security Symposium 2016

  • “I really enjoyed the conference and will attend next year.”

    — Franchise Tax Board, Emerging Technologies 2016

  • “I know the depth of planning it takes to execute an event of this magnitude and to "punt" in real time when key note speakers are unable to appear due to extenuating circumstances. Applause on that front! I can see the depth of mission apparent being served in the execution of this event. BRAVO!”

    —, Government Transformation 2016

  • “Really liked the SEP format. Lot of information in a short period of time. Innovative and engaging. Nice to have the tables to ask questions at the end of the presentations! Great new idea!”

    — Governor's Office of Emergency Services, Government Transformation 2016

  • “PSP did a great job organizing the Symposium-- Well done!”

    — San Mateo County Health System, Cyber Security Symposium 2016

  • “These conferences always have excellent key note speakers, presenters and educational sessions. I always come away with something I can apply to my work when I return to the office.”

    — UC Davis, Government Transformation 2016

  • “It is really very well done. I think it is one of the best project management oriented training events in the region.”

    — UC Davis Health System, Project Delivery Summit 2016

  • “Excellent. Will be back. Time well spent.”

    — Welfare Client Data Systems, Project Delivery Summit 2016

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