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Jessica Ocenosak
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About Public Sector Partners

Our Mission Statement

PSP, Inc is a connector organization, defining the IT needs of California State Government Agencies, then finding and connecting the solutions.

Our Background

Public Sector Partners was formed in 1995 with a focus on improving the way that Government leverages technology to deliver service.

Events that Address Issues

Public Sector Partner’s sole focus is creating forums that address California Government issues. Because of our broad relationships with government leaders, agency technology teams, and industry-leading vendors, Public Sector Partners has its finger on the pulse of California Government information technology needs. By defining those needs, we can then find and connect solutions. Our events focus less on marketing from private sector participants and more on the delivery of essential education and applicability to the topic. A vital segment of our technology forums is the joint public sector/private sector solution center which promotes collaboration and allows government personnel to leverage existing solutions instead of constantly re-inventing the wheel. The content development for our events is steered by small, focused advisory boards comprised of members with a passion for the topics. Combine that with PSP’s passion for delivering educational events, and the resulting forums consistently meet and exceed attendee expectations.

History of Success

Collaboration and experience lay an effective groundwork. Public Sector Partners has more than two decades of experience creating events that range from small seminars to large multi-day conferences. Thirty years of technology experience helps to ensure private sector participants align to the educational demands of the forum. By teaming together with leaders in both the private and public sectors, the groundwork is laid to make sure the forum delivers the essential education that is promised. Some of the events that Public Sector Partners has created or produced for California State Government include:

  • Securing the Data Center
  • GIS - More than a Map
  • National Guard JIMC Convention
  • 11th and 12th Annual ITSAF (IT Security Awareness Fair)
  • 2012 Government Mobility
  • 2013 Defining the Cloud for Government
  • 2013 & 2014 Mobile Government
  • 2014 Big Data Forum
  • 2013, ’14, ’15, & ‘16 Project Delivery Summits
  • 2013, ’14, ’15, 16 & ‘17 Cybersecurity Symposium (formerly ITSAF)
  • 2015, '16 & '17 Government Transformation Forum
  • 2015 Trending Technologies Forum
  • 2016 Emerging Technologies Forum
  • 2017 Leveraging Data Forum
  • Ongoing Luminary Series, showcasing Public Sector Organizations
  • Public Sector Partners has also worked with OTech training staff to produce intimate internal seminars.

Strength in Leadership

The content for each of our events is created by small, focused advisory boards comprised of members with a passion for the topics. Advisory boards are normally comprised of 1:1 public and private participants to facilitate and improve collaboration. Each member comes from a position of leadership within the focus topic technology.

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