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Luminary Speaker Series - Amy Tong

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Amy Tong
California State Lottery

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CA State Lottery
California State Lottery

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Event Description

Join us as Amy Tong, Deputy Director and Chief Information Officer of the California State Lottery and her leadership team, share with us an in depth view of the California State Lottery.

The Lottery has just set an all-time record high in both sales and profits for fiscal year 2011-2012. Their new Strategic direction is building on the Lottery’s recent success and delivers even more funding for California public schools. Amy will share with us how information technology will play a critical role in achieving these goals; the challenges moving forward to quickly meet the business needs and the task of maintaining an engaged and knowledgeable staff.

The leadership team will share the daily issues they face of maintaining momentum and keeping abreast of all the priorities in information technology for the Lottery. They will discuss their most critical projects, the timeframes for their pursuit, and the challenges they must overcome to be successful. In addition to these topics the following will also be discussed;

  • Collaboration
  • Establishing a Partnership based relationship
  • Innovation (Business Intelligence and Digital Program)
  • Leadership in Government
  • Teamwork
  • Using Technology to better serve the people of California

In this candid and relaxed environment, you will get to know the California State Lottery and its priorities as well as meet a great group of up and coming IT leaders.

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