Linda Le

Linda Le

Company: County of Orange

Title: County Privacy Officer

Linda is designated as the County Privacy Official responsible for the County of Orange privacy programs mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), HITECH, and all other State and Federal privacy laws. She provides the oversight, development, implementation and review of the privacy programs by establishing policies and procedures, processes, auditing and monitoring to be in compliance with the regulations. Linda also oversees the Cyber Security Awareness Training, HIPAA Privacy and Security trainings. She provides oversight to the Data Loss Prevention policies and procedures. She establishes reporting methods to detect privacy incidents, conducts investigations and breach risk assessments, and develop corrective action plans. Linda provides support to Contracts and Procurements to ensure appropriate privacy and security language is in place to protect and safeguard data. She also coordinates notification to state and federal organizations for privacy and security incidents and audits and reviews.





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