Tim Garza

Tim Garza

Company: CA Resources Agency

Title: IT Director

Tim Garza is the IT Director for the California Natural Resources Agency, which consists of twenty-eight California Depts, conservancies, commissions, and boards, who mission is to restore, protect and manage the state's natural, historical and cultural resources for current and future generations using creative approaches and solutions based on technology, science, collaboration and respect for all the communities and interests involved. Mr. Garza is a dynamic leader with a passion for helping organizations improve their business performance and achieve their goals and objectives through the use of innovative technologies. He possesses a unique combination of business and technology knowledge and skills that give him the ability to bridge the gap between the business and technology areas. Mr. Garza has over 30 years of Information Technology experience providing a full range of technology and business engineering leadership and services to both public sector Depts and private sectors companies.




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