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Government Transformation 2015

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Public Sector Perspectives - Interviews at GT2015

See the series of onsite interviews from Industry Experts, Public Sector Leaders and Executives, Peers, and more.

Marybel Batjer , Secretary, CA Gov Ops Agency

Peter Hutchinson, Managing Director, Accenture

Richard Gillihan, Director, CalHR

Andrea Wallin-Rohmann, Chief Deputy Director of Policy, CA Dept of Technology

Karen Johnson, Chief Deputy Director, CA Dept of Health Care Services

Jim Butler, Deputy Director & Chief Procurement Officer, CA Dept of General Services

Jeff Uyeda, Executive Partner, FI$CAL

William Eggers, Research Director, Deloitte

Jerry Greenwell, CEO, CPS HR Consulting

Andi Mann, VP Office of the CTO, CA Technologies

Julie Quinn, Consulting Director, Deloitte

Kais Menoufy, Delegata


8:30 AM
Introduction and Opening Remarks

Welcome and Opening Remarks for the 2015 Government Transformation Forum
Speaker: Marybel Batjer, Agency Secretary
California Government Operations Agency

9:00 AM
Opening Keynote Presentation - Panel Discussion & Review of the Top 5 Government Transformation Solutions

The Government Transformation Keynote will be presented by the Top 5 Department Finalists that are submitted for the Award of Excellence. They will be real Case Studies of City, County, and State Government examples of transformation. This will be a tremendous opportunity to see what innovation and ground breaking activities are being undertaken by Tip of the Spear thinkers within California.
Top 5 Nominees:
CA Public Utilities Commission
Speaker:Jennifer Torres, Assistant Human Resources Director, CPUC
Project: HRIS Replacement Project

CA Dept of Water Resources
Speaker: Wendi Dodgin, Chief Contract Services, CA DWR
Project: Center Led Contract Processing Model

CA Employment Development Department
Speaker: Natalie Mack, Projects & Technology Deputy Chief, CA EDD
Project: Disability Insurance Automation Project for California's Employment Development Department

CA Department of Public Health
Speaker: Dr. Martin Kharrazi, CA Dept of Public Health
Project: California Biobank Program (CBP) Project

County of Los Angeles
Speaker: Dr. Steven Golightly, Director, Child Support Services Department
Project: Predictive Analytics and Case Segmentation

10:30 AM
Education Session 1 - Mentoring for the Next Generation

Lorraine Rinker - Senior Principal, Delegata Corp.

Speaker Panel:
Liana Bailey-Crimmins Chief Information Officer, CalPERS
Joshua Pocus-Associate Information Systems Analyst, CalPERS
Cathy Cleek-Chief Information Officer, Franchise Tax Board
Marian McKenna-Director, National Business Bureau, Franchise Tax Board
Description: The seismic shift created by Millennial employees (those born between early 1980s and early 2000s) has many organizations scrambling to figure out how to work with and develop a first-time workforce that seems to demand more attention and real-time feedback than their predecessors. Informal mentoring and coaching has existed in the workplace for decades but remains, in fact, mostly unfunded as a formal development program. However, industry research and the experience of this presentation team illuminates that mentoring is a crucial component for the development of tomorrow's talent. In this session, we will illuminate resource-efficient ways to mentor the next generation. The panel will demonstrate how the seemingly divergent Non-Millennial (Traditionalists, Baby Boomer, or Generation X) and Millennial employees actually have more in common than workforce development experts originally thought and highlight the value of mentoring and coaching as a way to attract, develop, and retain an actively engaged multi-generational workforce.

10:30 AM
Education Session 2 - Becoming the Destination Workplace - where people want to be!

Julie Quinn, Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Description: Attracting qualified workers to state service is essential to the State's core mission of delivering quality services across a vast array of programs and disciplines. While there has been considerable focus on 'Millennials', also known as Gen Y (those born early 1980s to early 2000s), there are significant advantages to tapping into to the slightly older Generation X professionals (those born early 1960s to early 1980s).
Many Gen Xers are employed in mid-management careers in the private sector. They are educated, experienced and savvy. They are at a point in their lives where many have or will soon settle down with families. Gen Xers are ready for a change; they are keenly interested in striking the right balance between work and life, and want to make a difference in the world.
The Gen X workforce is attracted by the stability, upward mobility, and social responsibility all of which state service can provide. We will explore practical ideas to attract and recruit this segment of the workforce.
* Assess the culture of your organization to understand how it attracts and supports employees * Recruit top talent by through targeted messaging * Advertise the significant benefits of and opportunities of state service * Modernize the interview process

10:30 AM
Education Session 3 - How Do I Fix This Mess? -- Transforming Organizational Performance

Peter Hutchinson, Managing Director Accenture
Description: This highly interactive session will use a real world case study to challenge common assumptions about how to improve organizational outcomes. Every organization produces exactly the results it is designed to produce ? and none other. That design is embedded deep in the DNA of the organization. Too often that design leads to performance that does not measure up to the expectations of the public or its elected representatives. Traditional performance improvement initiatives don't work or don't last because they address the symptoms of poor performance but not the underlying design that causes it. This session will show how an organization's DNA drives its performance and will explore the tools for getting better outcomes that last.

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