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Mobile Government 2014

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8:30 AM
Introduction and Opening Remarks

Russ Hicks, President, Public Sector Partners, Inc.
Opening Remarks
Robert Schmidt, Agency Chief Information Officer and Director of Executive Office/IT Services, CA Dept of Food & Agriculture

9:00 AM
Keynote Presentation - Enabling the Mobile World: Only the Brave will Thrive

Speaker: Sanjay Poonen, Executive Vice President and General Manager, End-User Computing, VMware
Enabling the Mobile World: Only the Brave will Thrive
Description: We have entered a new way of working, where business moves as fast as the speed of life.
Smart leaders recognize they must be brave" thoughtful, prepared and act decisively to execute on new business initiatives. While at the same time defend against unpredictable risks, IT investments, people and processes, and relationships. This requires a change in how we approach IT and enable our workforce.
The next frontier for the public sector is mobility and this presents challenges as tough as the opportunities are expansive. Hyper-aware smartphones and geolocation may be a huge benefit to government employees, but what are the security implications? While the lines between our work and personal lives are becoming blurred, how do we provide the coordinates towards the solutions to mobility's hardest problems? In his keynote, Sanjay Poonen, EVP and GM of End-User Computing at VMware, will discuss the unsolved challenges in mobility, and the possibilities that will be unlocked when VMware equips IT teams to anticipate the needs of the business instead of struggling to keep up. With this rapid-response capability, IT can be an active, strategic partner " providing confidence for the public sector to act bravely and decisively so they can be proactive and effective in this new era.

10:00 AM
Session 1: Smarter Government - Improving Citizen Service through Mobility

Speaker: Michael Buss, MobileFirst Solutions Consultant , IBM
Description: By 2030 the urban population on the planet is projected to reach almost 5 billion. This unprecedented growth gives rise to new challenges for state, county and city leaders seeking to grapple with long standing gnarly problems while encountering unprecedented complexity in new ones.
Emboldened by the levels of service they now take for granted from the private sector, people are demanding more from their cities. They are seeking a better quality of life through access to more and better services, at increasing levels of cost effectiveness.
Forward thinking city leaders are looking to embrace the opportunities enabled by technology to overcome the ever-widening range of these significant challenges. Big data and related analytics delivered from the cloud to highly mobile citizens using powerful social media means of communication are mandatory elements of meeting these challenges. Join IBM to learn more about how Governors, Mayors and other leaders are increasing the levels of services for their citizens.

10:00 AM
Session 2: "Jumping the Mobile Shark": Making the Jump into a Mobile/Cloud/Data First World

Speaker: Gregory G. Curtin, Ph.D., JD, Founder & CEO, Civic Resource Group; Senior Fellow, Future of Government Council (WEF) Civic Resource Group (CRG); World Economic Forum (WEF)
Description: This interactive presentation and panel discussion will provide a compelling overview of why governments MUST transition to Mobile/Cloud/Data First in order to be successful in today's DIGITAL world"€by 2015 there will be more than 4.5 BILLION mobile phone users globally, and more than 200 BILLION connected "things."€ Key enabling elements including organizational and cultural changes for "Mobilization"€ will be discussed, along with guidelines for building the business case"€cost savings/cost optimization; delivery of services and information; citizen/customer engagement; government transparency; productivity/efficiency; shared services/collaboration; labor force attraction/retention; etc. Illustrative case studies from State and local governments in California will be included to help keep the session "real."€

10:00 AM
Session 3: There's an App for That: How your agency can create, manage and produce content-centric

Speaker: Kevin Schmidt, Solution Engineer, Adobe
Description: In the first half of 2014, studies have shown that 86% of users time spent on the mobile web is done so through native applications. This creates a huge opportunity for agencies to engage citizens and increase employee productivity. Join this session to learn how Adobe is helping agencies create cost-effective solutions for creating, managing and producing content-centrics apps for tablets and smartphones. We'll discuss how to continuously evolve your mobile app development in response to changing citizen and technology needs.

10:00 AM
Session 4: How to Secure Your Mobile Devices In TWO EASY Steps

Speaker: Jason Moody, Enterprise Mobility Management, Dell Inc.
Description: Technology trends are forcing changes in the way you do business. Industry statistics predict that 350 million employees will use smartphones by 2016. Today, 250 million employees now bring their own device to work. And 58 billion applications will be downloaded by 2015. Will you be ready?
In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Separate your enterprise data and applications from personal ones.
  • Provide secure remote access.
  • Limit data access
  • Implement encryption and policy management
  • Prevent Data loss and how to remote wipe in the event of loss or theft

11:00 AM
Session 5: Mobility Innovation in Local Government: It's All About the User Experience!

Speaker: Rajiv Desai, CEO, 3Di, Inc.
Description: Mobility utilization is part of the fabric of who we are as citizens, whether it be utilizing tablets, smart devices, or smart phones. Why should this be any different for the government entities that support their respective citizens? The critical key to this is providing the right, well thought out and planned User Experience. Learn how the User Experience is broken down into 6 components (Information Architecture, Usability and Accessibility, Content Strategy, Functionality, User Interface, and Platform) and how leveraging these components are critical to the success of effectively offering mobility solutions to our citizens.

11:00 AM
Session 6: The City of Fresno solves their Mobility Dilemma

Paul Pedron, Supervisor, Technical Support, City of Fresno
Brian Six, Novell
Description: When City of Fresno employees started pushing to use their own mobile devices at work, the IT department launched a six-month mobility study. After looking at various cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions, they found the perfect solution for their mobile computing needs. With "" efficient local government" " as the mayor's motto, the City of Fresno's IT department is always looking for ways to streamline operations with technology. City employees in the field had been using laptops and a VPN (virtual private network), but connection issues and lack of a strong signal in certain locations created additional problems for the IT department. Employees often had to return to the city offices to re-input data from the field. Many asked to use their own smartphones or tablets at work.
CIO Carolyn Hogg recognized the need for a mobility solution. "Mobility is here, and we need to allow our users more efficient use of technology to be more efficient in the public sector. We are stewards of the taxpayers' money," she says. Come listen to Paul Pedron, senior network systems specialist, explain their challenges in finding the right solution and what they discovered.

11:00 AM
Session 7: Transforming to a Mobile Enterprise: It's more than just an App

Speaker: Mark Brown, Director, North American Mobile Ambassador, Oracle Corporation
Description: Mobility is transforming the way Government interacts with its citizens, employees, and business partners and this has created a tremendous opportunity to drive operational efficiencies, increase productivity, agility, and improve the citizen-experience. A well designed mobile solution will provide a consistent, engaging and secure experience while leveraging existing backend solutions. Mobile is a vital element of every multi-channel experience.

11:00 AM
Session 8: Best Practices for Increasing Mobile Productivity While Protecting Sensitive Data

Best Practices for Increasing Mobile Productivity While Protecting Sensitive Government and Constituent Data
Speaker: Nina Seth, Senior Product Marketing Manager Accellion
Description: Mobile is transforming the way government does business, with government expected to serve constituents anytime, anywhere. Government staff are looking for technologies that not only allow them to securely collaborate with colleagues and constituents, but also access, edit, and create content " all from their mobile devices.
Implementing a BYOD policy can help employees increase mobile productivity, while ensuring data security. To ensure the security of government and constituent data, agencies should carefully evaluate the benefits and risks of public vs. private mobile file sharing. Private cloud file sharing solutions can give government the ability to manage and control data in-house, while giving end-users the ability to easily and securely collaborate inside and outside the office. Join Accellion to learn best practices for enabling secure mobile productivity that delivers efficiencies for government employees, while ensuring the protection of sensitive and confidential data.

12:30 PM
Lunch Keynote Session - Mobile Government Your Constituents Expect More!!

Speaker: Diane Morgan, Mobile Evangelist, Kofax, Inc.
Description: Reality check: The constituents you need to be serving and engaging already have mobile expectations and bias. The commercial world of financial services, insurance, and general products have set the expectations for onboarding, applying for services, and researching offers and benefits. This has been proven across economic, gender, age, and location boundaries. This interactive lunch time dialog and discussion will address mobility issues of constituent engagement, security, access, and process enablement with a focus on how government agencies can be successful in deploying impactful mobility solutions that drive engagement, increase process effectiveness, and improve constituent satisfaction. And not to mention, position your agency as innovative and forward thinking.

2:00 PM
Session 9: Meet Your Constituents Where They Are - Mobility Solutions that Engage Your Constituents

Speaker: Diane Morgan, Mobile Evangelist, Kofax, Inc.
Description: The speed of mobile and mobility is changing the way constituents expect to apply and receive services. From technology, platforms, users, and apps, keeping up with the demands and requirements for your now mobilized constituents and users is challenging if not overwhelming. Meeting your constituents where they are means delivering effective mobile apps that truly impact their ability to engage in your services and achieve the benefits of self-service. In this hands-on demonstration you will see the power of how with a couple of taps and a picture or two your constituents are engaged with your core process to apply for services, benefits, and interact with your core systems. Seeing is believing.

2:00 PM
Session 10: Building a Bullet-Proof Business Case

Speaker Panel:
Nabil Fares (CIO-CDPH)
Tim Garza (AIO-DWR)
Lina Luna-Pruitt (Chief of Infrastructure- Lottery)
Juan Lao- Moderator (AT&T)
Description: Citizens of CA are already Mobile. Is your agency far behind? Is your Agency ready for Tablets, New Smart Phones, and Mobile Applications? but needs advice on building a business case? This is a Panel Session with State of CA CIO's and technologists sharing best practices on convincing leadership to embark on successful mobility projects:

  • Understanding financial justification
  • Role of IT
  • Establish "champions" at the program and line of business level
  • Defining service levels that embed savings, security, service and scalability
  • Uncover cumbersome antiquated processes and assign value to inefficiencies
  • Leverage new technologies to garner immediate ROI from devices
  • Examples of real world success stories
  • Q&A session to get your specific questions answered

2:00 PM
Session 11: Mobilizing Windows Applications and Desktops for non-Windows platforms

Speaker: Bryan Zanoli, Consultant, Entisys Solutions
Description:With increasing demands for mobility, organizations are often challenged with providing mobile access to a diverse array of new and legacy business applications. Along with that demand, innovations in mobility technologies are re-defining the traditional office desktop and mobile workforce paradigms.
What makes the most sense from a usability perspective? Do users need a full Windows virtual desktop from the mobile access solution? Do users need core applications from the mobile access solution? Do users need data from the mobile access solution?
These are very important questions to ask as decision makers and architects design mobile strategies around the users and usage scenarios.
In this session you will uncover:

  • When and how to present users with Windows virtual desktops to address mobility needs
  • When and how to present users with core business applications to address mobility needs
  • When to present users with file sharing solutions to address mobility usage needs
  • How correctly addressing these questions can make mobile strategies more secure

2:00 PM
Session 12: Enabling Mobile Gov't Now -How to achieve the right balance of end user choice & Control

Speaker: Tony Gomez " Team Lead of State and Local Government Solutions " AirWatch by VMware
Description: Enabling Mobile Government Now " How to achieve the right balance of end user choice and IT control. When delivering a mobility solution today, many government organizations are challenged with how to deliver a workable solution for their end users while still maintaining compliance and control of valuable data. This session will explore how other government organizations have used a combination of technology and policy to bring about the ideal solution for both IT and end users. Topics covered will include BYOD, privacy concerns, security and compliance, device and data management, and usability for end users.

3:00 PM
Session 13: "Worker of the future" - the people factor of shifting to mobile

Speaker: Jason Messer, Superintendent, Manteca Unified School District
Description: This session will focus on the "worker of the future" , hearing directly from one of Northern California's leading K-12 Superintendents about the transformation taking place in education, driven by mobile technology, and discussion of how this will impact the future workforce.

3:00 PM
Session 14: Mobilizing an Efficient Mobile Workforce

Speaker: Coy Thorp, Systems Engineer, Aruba Networks
Description: Exploring the opportunities to enhance the government workforce utilizing mobile technologies. This presentation will begin with a demonstration of collaborative mobile tools in a real life setting. To be followed by an interactive mini panel discussion of the opportunities presented by mobile technologies.

3:00 PM
Session 15: VDI and Mobility

Nasser Azimi, Sr. Partner, Teranomic
Nick Degnan, Channel Manager, Pure Storage
Description: Virtual Desktop access via mobile devices is exploding. This session will focus the audience on strategies to plan and implement VDI successfully. We will review successful implementations, lessons learned, and hear from industry experts about solutions that are highly available, secure, and fast!

4:00 PM
Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks

3rd Annual Awards Ceremony at the Mobile Government Forum
The best and brightest applications from California Public Sector were honored at the Mobile Government Forum.
Awards were given in five categories among a group of 10 apps showcasing their designs.
Coolest Application
"Where's My Peeps" - CalPERS
This in-house people locator and contacts app was born a year ago during a fire drill when the organization's entire middleware team couldn't be immediately located. The app integrates with PeopleSoft and Active Director to deliver updated contact information on CalPERS employees.
Easiest App to Leverage
"California Mobile Gallery" - California Department of Technology
Officials lauded improvements made to the California Mobile Gallery, a one-stop storefront for apps from state agencies and departments. The site's updated look has taken cues from the Apple App store, Google Play store and other popular industry leaders.
Best User Experience
"Mobile Law Enforcement Investigation Tool" - California Commission on Post (Peace Officer Standards and Training)
This application goes back to 2009, when a curriculum analysis found there was a need to develop a mental picture of the investigation process that would help new and seasoned investigators.
Most Innovative Application
"Every Woman Counts" - California Department of Health Care Services
The app, which was developed in-house by state employees, uses a mobile messaging system to remind women about regular appointments and exams, as well as the latest news regarding breast and cervical cancer.
MVP (Most Valuable Program)
"My LA 311" City of Los Angeles
This app distills core city services " submitting service requests, bill pay, city information (including maps) and city hall news " in a single interface. There are four simple buttons on the app's homepage.

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