Company: Bodhtree


Bodhtree is data-driven._ As a leader in Big Data and business analytics solutions, Bodhtree empowers organizations to work smarter._ We begin with the opportunities and challenges facing the organization and architect solutions that drive productivity, service quality, cost savings, safety and overall impact.

Bodhtree has delivered technology services to government clients for nearly a decade, including state and local agencies in New Jersey, Maryland, South Carolina, Ohio, Texas and more recently California.__ Engagements range from process modernization and_ enterprise applications_ to web and mobile development for improved citizen engagement.

Bodhtree is a premier partner with leading OEMs like Oracle, Microsoft, SalesForce, SAP, EMC, Informatica and Tableau._ Additionally, our CMMi and ISO quality certifications speak to the best-practice processes that underscore the world-class services we deliver.

Headquartered in California, Bodhtree brings a long-view strategy to assist State agencies in leveraging recent breakthroughs in Big Data and analytics to advance California's leadership in government service innovation.