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Civic Resource Group (CRG) is an award-winning, full-service digital consultancy committed to developing the latest technological solutions as they apply to the special needs of civic organizations. For over 15 years, Civic Resource Group has been Fulfilling the Promise of Technology for our government clients, helping them to harness digital advances and form greater connections with their target audiences. We are a new breed of business, with a different approach, blending the best of new technology, interactive design and communications in the digital age.

CRG projects have won multiple awards including awards from the Web Marketing Association (WMA), ADDY Awards, various Digital Government Awards, and the prestigious PC Magazine Editor’s Choice and are truly in the forefront in leveraging web technologies. Our strategic vision and strong partnering approach on each project differentiate us from our competitors and allows CRG to consistently deliver award-winning projects to our wide spectrum of public sector clients.


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What People Are Saying...

  • “Great job, great information. Our business area people really enjoyed the sessions. The forum acted as a connector/bridge to understanding between IT and the Business for our orgnanization.

    — CA Dept of Water Resources, Government Transformation 2016