Tempered Networks

Company: Tempered Networks

Website: http:// www.temperednetworks.com

Tempered Networks meets the security and connectivity needs for organizations who require uncompromised protection for their business critical infrastructure, information and assets. Our solution safeguards businesses from brand-tarnishing, costly cyber breaches by cloaking networks and high value endpoints. We make it incredibly easy for organizations to securely connect and manage their systems and devices at enterprise scale;with a fundamentally different approach to secure IP communications. Our game changing technology makes your high value networks and endpoints disappear to all but trusted (whitelisted) personnel and devices. Our drop-in security platform enables customers to easily micro-segment their flat network and create any number of secure virtual networks--with military grade encryption between each network. The solution follows a defense-in-depth strategy, complements current security products in place, and requires no changes to existing infrastructure. It comes with a powerful, automated orchestration engine to manage security policies and trust relationships; virtually eliminating human error—the leading cause of security incidents. Tempered Networks proven solution was in development and production for over 10 years at a Fortune 50 company and recently commercialized for the broader market. We have customers in the commercial, industrial and public sectors with Fortune 500 customers deployingwell temper networks today.