Company: Tevora

Website: http://www.tevora.com/


As security professionals, we believe in using technology to lead the way rather than following the pack. We not only believe in servicing our clients�� immediate needs, but also partnering with them long term. We recommend proactive initiatives rather than passive protection, and we are committed to developing strategic solutions that meet our client��s needs.

Consulting Team

Tevora is led by people with years of experience in business and technology. We understand business issues, and we��re best positioned to help companies transform security from a cost of doing business to a way to do more business. We believe that an MBA is just as important as a CISSP. We only hire credentialed, business-focused senior consultants.


While we are credentialed, experienced, and do considerable work with all of the industry��s top security software vendors, we are beholden to none. Tevora is completely vendor agnostic, which allows us to utilize best-of-breed security software products based solely on our clients�� needs. We offer the most strategic solutions to the companies we work with.