Bradley Burch

Bradley Burch

Company: Kiefer Consulting

Title: Senior Consultant/Data Scientist

Mr. Burch comes to Kiefer with over 20 years in healthcare analytics and business intelligence experience. Most recently, Bradley was at the California Office of Statewide Health Planning where he employed data security methodologies and HIPAA compliance standards. While at OSHPD, Bradley worked on integrating multi-disparate systems and data sources into a single Enterprise Healthcare Analytical Platform.

Burch’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, Enterprise Business Intelligence, Architecture, Data Science, Data Mining/Visualization Techniques, Quality Assurance Reporting, and Implementation and Integration of Business Intelligence Tools & Applications.


Both private-sector and public-sector clients have data-driven initiatives and are looking for the ability to grow their business and raise the competitive bar. The BI market continues to grow and we are seeing more and more tools that allow users to draw key insights by sifting through wide ranges of easily accessible data. We are excited about the potential offered to us by Microsoft Power BI and are enthusiastic about what we can deliver to our clients as it relates to business intelligence and data analytics.



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