Marquis Cabrera

Marquis Cabrera

Company: IBM

Title: Global Leader of Digital Government Transformation

Marquis Cabrera is IBM’s Global Leader of Digital Government Transformation, including emerging technologies (i.e. Blockchain), agile citizen services, and open government pillars. 

Marquis has an extensive background in government and social services.Prior to joining IBM, Marquis was the CEO of Foster Skills, a social enterprise –supported by Steve and Jean Case –focused on citizen-driven social innovation. He also founded two startups:, a first mover in public sector customer experience metrics; and, an upstart Uberizing physical therapy. 

Early in his career, Marquis worked for Y-Combinator's Wefunder to champion the Startup Jobs Act; Wayfair, where he developed brand strategy with HGTV celebrities; Massachusetts Appeals and Supreme Courts, where he helped role out new digital system for cases; and the White House Chief of Staff’s Office, where he led efforts to improve Recovery Act reporting requirements. 

Marquis has won numerous awards: Boston Globe’s Massachusetts Innovator of the Year, Microsoft Changemaker, Massachusetts Nonprofit Excellence Award, Ashoka’s Child Well-being Champion, Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Fellow, Case Foundation Finding Fearless Award, and tied for 1st place in McKinsey’s Agility Hackathon. 

Marquis was a plenary speaker at the White House, Harvard Law, Citi T4I, Lenovo STEM Scholars, Boston Children's Hospital, United Way Youth Venture, and his TEDx talk at Columbia University on 'How To Build a Social Enterprise' received 40,000+ views. He was been featured in Reuters, NPR, Elite Daily, and Forbes. Marquis has a column, Hacking Government, with and regularly blogs for The Huffington Post. 

Hillary Clinton nominated him to the Air Force Academy, but he decided to study under Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis and SJC Chief Justice Roderick Ireland at Northeastern University, where he graduated with high honors.

Besides work, he loves playing scrabble and basketball, snowboarding, and dancing salsa.


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