Asif Qamar

Asif Qamar


Title: Chief Data Scientist

Asif is an accomplished, well-known data scientist from Silicon Valley. His primary interest is in technical leadership positions that couple team-leadership with high-octane technical hands-on involvement in the big-data machine-learning area.

Asif has a track record of consistently delivering more than a dozen successful products of enduring value that he was instrumental in envisioning, crafting the architecture of, doing the early R&D, prototyping, and then building together a dedicated, cohesive and talented team around to take the ideas to fruition, through large projects. The products that Asif lead the creation of are, without fail, all in extensive deployment, and in healthy evolution after many years.

Asif has over 20 years of leading, teaching and mentoring engineers, through team-building around non-trivial projects, classes at universities, workshops, brown-bags, and other informal gatherings.He possesses a deep, hands-on understanding of the state-of-the-art in machine-learning/data-mining algorithms. Asif has the ability to craft algorithmic implementations for high-performance, near-real-time, scalable learning machines.

Asif has deep experience wish scalable architectures as well as with J2EE, SOA and Java Big-Data systems architecture, from the relational database and Big Data persistence layer issues, Map-Reduce and its variants, to UI-expertise.

Asif’s patent in HR predictive analytics and efforts in commercializing HR analytics, as well as the impact of his work in this area, has been widely reported in various magazines, and also found mention in a White House report.


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