Company: Proofpoint


roofpoint, Inc. is an innovative security-as-a-service vendor that delivers data protection solutions that help organizations protect their data from attack and enable them to effectively meet the complex and evolving regulatory compliance and data governance mandates that have been spawned from highly publicized data breaches. Positioned by Gartner in the Leaders Quadrant in several categories, Proofpoint delivers an integrated suite of on-demand data protection solutions spanning threat management, regulatory compliance, data governance and secure communications all of which are based on a common security-as-a-service platform.

Our broad set of solutions including Proofpoint Enterprise Protection, Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, Proofpoint Governance, and Proofpoint Essentials spans threat protection, compliance, governance and secure communications. These solutions enable organizations to:

  • Keep malicious content out of their environments.
  • Prevent the theft or inadvertent loss of sensitive information
  • Collect, securely retain, govern and discover sensitive data for compliance and litigation support and
  • Securely communicate and collaborate on sensitive data with customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Our customers represent nearly every vertical in the public and private sphere, but they all have one thing in common: They trust Proofpoint to better defend, protect and govern their most valuable data, using our solutions to block spam and viruses, prevent leaks of confidential information, encrypt sensitive data and securely archive email.

    Proofpoint’s pioneering use of innovative cloud-based technologies including big-data analytics, machine learning, deep content inspection and advanced encryption provides our customers with both superior protection against the latest advanced threats as well as lower total-cost-of-ownership, compared to alternatives provided by traditional security vendors.


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