Company: IBM


Cybercriminals are growing in number and sophistication, rendering traditional perimeter solutions powerless against today's advanced threats. IBM Security delivers the next-generation security technology and services that can outthink bad actors, discover threats, prevent breaches, and provide rapid incident response.

Over the past decade, IBM spent more than $2 billion on security research and development, resulting in 3,700+ security-related patents, and has acquired 19 top security companies to grow its portfolio. With 7,500 security professionals and threat researchers worldwide, IBM Security helps more than 12,000 clients adapt to threats with intelligent, integrated solutions, cognitive technology and Watson analytics, automated incident response, cloud-based solutions and state-of-the-art security operations centers.

We focus on the most critical security challenges facing organizations today:

Security Transformation Services: Security skills are more difficult to obtain and retain than ever. Still, today's C-suite needs strategies that provide protection for the immediate and long term. IBM helps organizations with everything from modernizing security operations, to building strategies that accelerate BYOD, Cloud, Mobile and IoT, to running their entire security program.

Security Operations and Response: IBM's advanced analytics solutions help clients prevent targeted attacks, detect unknown threats, and quickly respond to incidents with an intelligent, integrated and automated platform.

Information Risk and Protection: Rising insider threats, increasing mobile and cloud adoptions, and unchecked applications all contribute to the vulnerability of an organization's valuable information. IBM offersautomated controls that can determine who is trying to gain access to critical data, and whether their behavior is normal before granting user access.


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