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Company: Symsoft Solutions


SymSoft Solutions brings clarity to enterprise content and data, helping agencies, citizens and businesses understand information and make important decisions. With a focus on user experience, our solutions offer attractive, intuitive ways to engage users by providing personalized information, supporting data visualization and analysis tools.

Working with the Government Agencies over years, we have seen their challenges in analyzing data using Excel spreadsheets, trying to manually integrate various datasets, and referring to documents to make effective business decisions. Working with the Public Information Officers, we have also witnessed that a story when supported by data has much more credibility than without it. In addition, we are witnessing growing push for government transparency and open data, as well as a need to make available the tools to easily understand that data.

SymSoft Solutions helps government agencies to address these problems. We offer services to create complete data solutions; our efforts include defining the data strategy, implementing data warehouse and data solutions, creating engaging data visualizations and dashboards, and provide comparative and predictive analysis.

Many of our solutions have won awards, and have been recognized by the White House, US Department of Labor and the Center for Digital Government.

SymSoft Solutions is a Registered Small Business and an approved CMAS and MSA contractor for state of California.


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